Chilicorn Rail

We have a bunch of people around Markku and the unnamed second car. All of them are the kind of people who tend to get excited easily. This combined with our FutuLabs and Spice Program sometimes make the right things happen. This time we ended up creating a modular electronics mount system for the Robocar community. And now we’re ready to share our designs. And it’s all open source! »

Author image Mikko Pohja & Antti Kivimäki

Supervised racing

Like discussed in a previous post we have given the control of a physical world machine to a computer. Now we’re about to give it Intelligence. What if the Artificial Intelligence won’t stop at learning to drive but goes on and learns to solder and order parts online and starts duplicating itself and.. well yeah about that. Despite how awesome that would be, we have no such Intelligence. Donkeycar AI Default Donkeycar AI is a convolutional neural network taught with supervised learning. »

Author image Mikko Pohja

Inside a Donkeycar

So we bought a radio-controlled car and replaced the human driver with AI. No big deal. Or was it? If someone would have told me before the project that I was part of something like that, I wouldn’t have believed. At least my scepticism would’ve raised assumptions like: “Yeah sure you can do that with some lame line following PID controller” or “You probably just used some randomized movement with maybe some collision detection”. »

Author image Mikko Pohja

Road to Markku

You know the feeling you get when you realize you messed up and there is no return. Sometimes it’s the accidental git push to production branch or the slipped tool when assembling furniture. Sometimes it’s more about what you’ve said and not what you’ve done. About four months ago my coworker Paul ran into this open source project for building an autonomous vehicle using RC car as base. He shared the link in our internal communication group called Tinkering Club asking if we should buy the hardware. »

Author image Mikko Pohja